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Rick Lambert

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Rick Lambert
(503) 332-6907

Hello, my name is Rick Lambert and I'm asking for your vote for the OCF Board of Directors. I've been involved in the Fair for more than 25 years, with the majority of that time as a volunteer with Traffic crew. I am excited by the possibility of becoming a board member and helping the Fair into its 50th year, and beyond.

The decision to not erect the Story Pole has caused much consternation within our Family. It seems to have put us on the precipice of a very slippery slope with the possibility of eroding many of the freedoms that have helped make the Fair the incredible entity that it is today. I hope to be able to work with the Family and BoD to find a common ground resulting in policies that reflect our diversity without harming the love and affection we have for one another.

Communication between the BoD and the Fair Family needs some improvement. Many of us still have questions concerning the exit of our General Manager that have not been answered. When are we hiring a new General Manager? I'm not sure that the subject has even been mentioned by the board in the last year.

We are about to build a new upland kitchen and community center. I believe it is extremely important that we do this with respect for the land and at a cost that we can all agree is acceptable.

The Fair has matched, 2 for 1, the donations made to the Jill Heiman Vision Fund but has capped that amount at $20,000. The Fair Family has been very generous with their donations in recent years and I would like to see the matching maximum raised to $30,000.

Thank you