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Paxton Hoag

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Paxton Hoag

Our most precious assets are our volunteers. Many of them work long hours with real dedication. Volunteers are how we get things done in our unique way. They are how we keep the Fair safe for all. Our volunteers are trained to look out for each other and the Fair.

We need to respect the work of the volunteers.

Raise the value of Food Vouchers! If you are required to work you should be able to set up camp the day before. I support the need to party as long as the work gets done. I want our own homegrown fireworks show done for the whole family.

We can find a place in the Fair for all kinds of music including our younger volunteers interest in Electronic Music.

We need to upgrade our infrastructure, a larger water reservoir, the 8's plumbing, the main electric transformer and our internet. Build out the current Solar array. Now it is time to build the new road into the Farside.

I am actively pushing for an upland kitchen.

Develop a permitted grey-water station to process our shower water for road watering. Improve our compost pile with our own humanure to reuse valuable nutrients.

I am on the Financial Planning Committee and support the committee doing long range planning.

I think the Fair should support diverse cultural awareness with education not prohibition.

I helped to start narrow casting the Board Meetings in the interest of transparency and participation, I will continue to work to improve communication between members and the Board of Directors. It is also time to move to online voting. We can do electronic voting while still keeping our absentee ballots and annual meeting voting.

I am looking forward to a great 50th Anniversary and want to help. Please vote for me.