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Lawrence Taylor

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Lawrence Taylor
(503) 781-6245
1020 SW Taylor St., Suite 230
/Portland, OR 97205-2555

“Now more than ever.” I heard this said many times as I walked the paths of the Fair this year. Circumstances in the unFair world—political, military, environmental—have made the Fair experience even more essential. Those circumstances, and that essential experience, are what inspire me to seek another term on your Board of Directors.

I recently witnessed the total eclipse of the sun. That marvelous spectacle reminds us of our blessings: to be alive; to live in a country free of war and famine, and in the most progressive part of that country; and to be members of a community founded on consciousness, creativity, and cultural change.

We have acquired land, established a summer camp, and opened a fantastic new loop. We have also accommodated generational change by instituting elder status and teen crew. I am personally most proud of two motions: keeping cars out of the Eight on Sunday night; and protecting your right to choose your Board by requiring a membership vote to take away that right.

There is still work to be done. Assumptions about artistic freedom have been challenged by increased awareness of cultural appropriation. Popular pre-Fair events have conflicted with environmental concerns. Musical tastes are changing. We must meet these challenges in the spirit of love. I offer my services for another term on your Board of Directors and ask for your support.