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Laurel Blaser

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Laurel Blaser

While plants and animals are definitely my jam, it is my long term relationships built with people that pull down the most impressive results. I started initially volunteering in the Pre-Fair Kitchen and after several years, I co-founded the Garden Crew (Greenthumb) with my partner Tommy in 2002. We have labored with our crew to cultivate and harvest thousands of pounds of organic produce from the Fair garden on site, and we have worked with local farmers to secure the donation of thousands of pounds of organic produce to provide the freshest and most nutritious vegetables and fruits to the Main Camp/Hospitality Kitchen.

My close relationship with the land (and I suspect my work ethic as well) goes back to my Great, Great, Great Grandparents who were some of the first settlers in the Veneta area in 1852. I bring my family's tradition of hard work to the Fair Family as a gift because it is an honor to be a part of this community that is one of the most enriching, fun, and fulfilling experiences of our year.

As co-founder of the Party Party, I intend to carry the torch of absurdity forward in the most productive and compassionate way. Better soundscape managament on the paths and in the camps, volunteer appreciation that illuminates the sky, and a permanent General Manager will be my top three proiorities as a board member. I'll have an eye toward facilitating relationships between elders and youth, crafters and volunteers, freaks and geeks.

It would be an honor to donate my time in service of our eclectic community as a 2018-19 Board Member. A Long Tom of gratitude for your vote.