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Sue Theolass

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Sue Theolass

oregon country fair is a labor of love.

the past two years these efforts allowed us to open xavanadu, welcome four new employees, give thousands of dollars to community organizations, continue support of culture jam, replace a major culvert, create the diversity task force, have video/audio recordings of board meetings, listen to kocf online and have barter fair once our special use permit is granted.

as a 'boothie' much of my focus is craft and food committees. craft committee and craft inventory strive to assure all craft is made by the juried crafters. we continue to educate the craft community about policies/procedures and support crafters by trying to resolve their concerns.

this year two crafters met criteria, earning permanent booth placement. food committee collaborates with booths to offer more organic, non-gmo, locally sourced ingredients and encourage silver star specials to support volunteers. lately we've brought in new booths/carts including gluten free and raw food options.

serving endowment committee gives me a greater appreciation of how our philanthropy inspires and encourages area youth by funding art and nature projects. attending path planning meeting i've learned how fair's aspects overlap and come together. i want to work towards a tobacco free fair by 2019.

we have many infrastructure needs so our money needs to go further to accomplish this. crew and booth fees will increase to help cover our collective needs, i want to find an equitable balance. our internal population nearly doubles every decade, this is not sustainable.

i want to explore crew and booth staff efficiency, purpose and communication in order to fairly slow our growth. 2017 will be my 30th fair as a volunteer, this has been a profoundly life enhancing experience.

i would appreciate your support as i do my best to serve peach and dragon.

thank you.