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Rick Lambert

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Rick Lambert

Hello. My name is Rick Lambert and I'm running to serve on the OCF Board of Directors.

I've been coming to the Fair for more than 25 years, with most of those being a member of Traffic Crew. The Fair is one of the most important events in my life, with everyone involved energizing my spirit for another year. I wish to serve in a new way, to help ensure that all Fair Family, volunteers, vendors, entertainers, and guests will be able to continue creating this magic.

I am dedicated to this land we call our home and want to not only continue our stewardship of it but to improve upon it. I will work to see the Fair invest more in renewable energy sources, with the goal of becoming self-sustaining. I would like to see our amazing recycling efforts become even greater. Zero waste IS an attainable dream.

Without our dedicated volunteers the events we have every year would not happen. Not only the July Fair itself but Culture Jam, the Teddy Bear Picnic, and others. I believe it's time to place a higher value on our volunteers' labor and efforts. I'd like to discuss ways to do this.

Something else we can all be proud of is Fair philanthropy. The Fair Family helps so many worthwhile causes through the distribution of the Jill Heinman fund, Bill Wooten Endowment Fund, and direct contributions to non-profits that share many of the same visions of peace, love, and social justice that we all value.

I look forward to being involved in a more direct way with this good will. I ask for your vote, as well your help, so our Family can continue to be a source of inspiration for decades to come.

Thank you.