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Michael Hejazi

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Michael Hejazi

Hello Fair Family:

My name is Michael Hejazi and I would love to earn your vote this OCF election.

Why vote for me? You want to continue to have energized, creative, sustainable, radically inclusive, safe, soul enlivening, mind expanding, happy fairs that will help you and all your kin go Further and Further, with luck for decades to come--and that's my vision too, my commitment to our rebellious cause--to make magic for one another!

I've made my career representing the interests of others with differing agendas, in labor relations and human services, bringing people together to achieve common goals. Currently I am a crisis counselor with Hourglass—a free 24-hour drop in clinic in Eugene that provides non-medical triage, mediation, and referral services to anyone in Lane County.

A near impossible occupation, there I've proven to be capable of influencing a radical shift in the perspective of others, branded a liberator and protector. What I intend to be doing as a board member is just this: talking to one another, showing love, building community, raising great effigies, and throwing amazing events that take us on strange wonderful journeys together.

I keep up with OCF Family News, staying informed about the issues of the day. As a board member I'll build on our strengths and assumed weaknesses, taking every opportunity to learn and better and improve the situations of our community, our volunteers, performers, vendors, and fairgoers--always building capacity while keeping costs down. I'd like to streamline volunteer protocols without hampering fun, ensure safety without undermining liberties, and advance creativity without hindering necessary reflection.

I'm ready to hit the ground dancing! I'll look forward to meeting you, to discussing your vision for fair, and helping to see your dreams come true.

Until soon.