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Jack Makarchek

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Jack Makarchek (541-570-2923)

Dear members:

My volunteer responsibilities are; BOD member, its current president, helping our construction team pre fair and at Watergate Security checking passes during fair.

Communication with all OCF participants is essential help for the BOD to deliberate policy to create a vibrant gathering for our patron’s. This exchange of ideas is the keystone to building the types of relationships between ourselves and the larger community that will ensure our events future. Respect for one another’s passions as we build consensus to move us forward is not always easy but definitely needed. As BOD members we need to listen and realize how fortunate we are to have both elder wisdom and youthful leadership to continue the struggle for a just world and a healthy earth. Our challenge is a growth trajectory that stays fair and sustainable. At this point we need to be creative and thoughtful about being in compliance with agencies that have jurisdiction over our event and site and how we grow our internal capacities, parking, camping and land use. Please consider how much we consume to gather. Less really is more, which reflects our core value of reverence for the land.

This past year the Diversity Task Force engaged us in a dialogue about cultural sensitivities. It was very enlightening. The floor debate showed me how each of us thinks about cultural differences. It was a good start for the next discussion. A more diverse fair shows our love best to all.

Our strength lies in our history and consistency both of which are going to be more important than ever because of the changes we are experiencing and the opportunities yet to come. Knowledgeable leadership is critical as well as new voices willing to serve. Thank you SOP’s, everyone please vote.

Peace and love