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Indigo Ronlov

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Indigo Ronlov

The OCF truly is unlike anything else in the world.

Together, we co-create an extraordinary, magical, and unique experience. Over twenty-six years of participation, my knowledge of Fair’s many active systems has deepened and broadened. I see the importance of the big picture as well as the myriad details necessary to help guide policy decisions. Our Board is to shape policy that is fair, functional, fiscally sound, and serves the OCF as a whole.

To serve on the Board is to understand and care for this whole, which consists of:

* the OCF Land—home to the river, trees, flowers, grasses, birds, bees, beavers, bear, deer, frogs, dragonflies, and more;

* the Employees, Crews, Committees, and innumerable Others who build, staff, and oversee the event in a variety of ways;

* the Artisans and Crafters who honor the sustainable and time honored livelihood of working with one’s hand to create;

* the Nourishers who prepare and feed us their yummy foods;

* the Musicians, Actors, Vaudevillians, and Entertainers who delight us with their endless variety of presentations and performances;

* the Activists, Non-profits, and Sustainability Entrepreneurs who offer another way to consider and act;

* The Elders who have done so much and the Youth who will inherit it all from us;

* the many Sacred Spaces altared with intention and love throughout our beloved land;

* the Public who join in the festivities for a day or three;

* the Neighbors and Community of Veneta—a wide, eclectic group on the spectrum of full support and participation to dislike and frustration;

* the contracted Vendors and Partners who do so much to make it all possible;

* and, the Profound Effect participation in the OCF has on the individual, the community, and the world.

Thank you for your consideration.