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Ellen Singer

Ellen Singer

Greetings, Fair Family!

My name is Ellen Singer. I've worked for 20 years as a volunteer on our Information Crew. The Oregon Country Fair has always inspired me and nourished me on so many levels -- so much laughter and fun with my family of cultural creatives!

I've been asked to run for our Board, and I'm ready, willing and able to serve you. My diligence, resourcefulness, positive attitude, analytical skills and professional training/experience (35 years of lawyering, three years as ombudsman/advocate for mental patients under OHP, Volunteer Court-Appointed Special Advocate/CASA for severely abused/neglected children, Big Sister, Youth Mentor, two OCF mediation retreats, peer counseling) and participation on boards (with excellent attendance and leadership) equip me to tackle any issue thoughtfully.

I'll take no stand on an issue until I've fully researched the situation. I favor protecting live acoustic music from obliteration by amplified and recorded sound.

I would like the Fair to provide better compensation for all of our hard-working entertainers and volunteers. I consider the Fair's role as a loving and mutually supportive community at least as important as our main event. I'm committed to environmental awareness and stewardship.

I would like to continue a conversation about using the land for more events, including expansion of the Culture Jam program, if this can be done in an environmentally responsible way. It seems to me that all Fair Family, not just staff, would benefit from attending Human Intervention Training. Everybody needs to learn about grounding and how to have a three-chip interaction!

I love the Fair and appreciate the many roles it plays in our community's lives. I would be happy to answer your questions, so please feel free to contact me.

Peaches and Love