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Diane Albino

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Diane Albino

Dear Fair Family:

I am seeking your support to represent you once again on the board of the Oregon Country Fair.

I am a long term Fair Family member, with three generations now at the Fair. I serve on the Elders Committee, the Personnel Committee, the Bylaws Committee and the Diversity Task force. Next summer is the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

The Summer of Love was the peak of the hippie movement of the sixties in San Francisco. I was so lucky to live in San Francisco during those special years. Out of that time comes the values that have shaped the Fair, and the lives of so many of us. Our Vision Quest Goals reflect those values. We are in a time of change and growth at the Fair. .

I believe it is time to form a long range planning committee that incorporates financial planning, land based planning, values planning, philanthropy planning, and so much more. I believe that the decisions we make should be in line with our goals.

I believe that we are, first of all, a gathering of our families, and as such, we should be proactive to make sure that we don’t have policies and guidelines that kick active and contributing family members “off the island.” I want to have opportunities for all elders and teens to have fulfilling opportunities at the Fair.

Peace, love, and happiness to you all.