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John Chewie Burgess

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John Chewie Burgess

Hello Fair Family:

As a person who has been involved in many aspects of the Oregon Country Fair for almost 31 years, and having had the opportunity to serve on the Board, I have gotten a lot from Our Fair. Now, as we continue our journey towards significant changes going forward, I am again asking for your support as I run for the board.

I feel that with your support and constructive input together we can continue to create and implement functional policy for the positive change & challenges ahead. Current issues seemingly are:

• Tweaking and fixing the many changes surrounding the move of the craft lot, I really welcome constructive input and ideas from ALL of us on this issue.

• Still I see a significant opportunity in growing our fair responsibly. I think it is time to seriously look at and continue working toward a growth that allows both input and mindful consultation with ALL parties on capacity issues, i.e. camping numbers, infrastructure, sound, sharing and overall impacts to our land. To that end I would like to continue to actively strive for implementing a more inclusive discussion with ALL family in that process.

• I will continue to work to promote and build a “community” center on our upland property, because it’s past time.

• Addressing Our Families issues and Concerns respectfully and timely.

The devil still being in the details, if elected, I will continue to work with other board members and listen to ALL fair family to facilitate purposeful, responsible, and fundamentally fair ways to address these and other issues that continue to and constantly newly present themselves.

Thank you for your consideration, and please contact me personally with any concerns anytime.