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Charlie Johnson

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Charlie Johnson

It would be an honor and privilege to represent the fair family on the board of directors.

My history is over 20 years of service. The first 10 years I ran the sound company at Hoarse Chorale and the last 12 have been as the voice of the south sweep. This experience has given me the opportunity to meet many of our family and also give our visitors one last positive experience before they head home.

Many of you may not know my name or recognize my face, but that is OK with me as I prefer to stay off the radar. During the last 10 years I have been an active participant in board meetings, amplified sound after hours, and pre-post management. Working with and having friends in many other facets of the fair has given me great insight to the workings of the fair and it's volunteers.

Having worked in management at Da Vinci Days, Eugene Celebration and the Portland Rose Festival I have experience in what it takes to put on a major event in this state. With experience with big budgets and issues that can go along with these types of events, and I look forward to dealing with the challenges they present.

My promise is, when making a decision I want to know that the coordinators affected have had a chance to present their ideas and concerns. It is very important that, as a board member, I remember the ripple effect our decisions make.

My goals are; to work with the family to reduce the load on recycling by taking our stuff home at the end of the fair, add more revenue streams, reduce costs, and start discussing long-term issues around growth and finances.

Thank you for your consideration