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Ann Bennett-Rogers

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Ann Bennett-Rogers

I am running for the Board of Directors to support the Guidelines and Goals of the Fair.

I attended my first Fair in 1973 and became involved in the OCF as a volunteer in 1986. Subsequently, my entire family has participated as volunteers. I believe I am well qualified for a Board position, as I bring over 25 years of environmental planning on Federal, State and private lands.

This has all been with an emphasis on conservation and restoration of the land within a sound economic framework. The Fair cannot implement activities without looking at the long and short-term effects of these actions upon the land and the event. There are both environmental and economic effects of our activities.

As stated in our Code of Conduct, reverence for the land is one of the pillars of the Oregon Country Fair. My experience and knowledge will help with our stewardship and support the Fair as we move forward. The need for adequate kitchen facilities for ourselves must be considered within our envisioned land use.

Our infrastructure, including sufficient amenities such as water and toilets, needs to be maintained both for the public and ourselves. Improvements must be undertaken whenever opportunity presents itself. We need to support recycling and ‘pack-it-in/pack-it-out’ for all our activities.

Please vote for Ann Bennett-Rogers for the Board of Directors.